Return To Outpost
A Guild wars Guild

Welcome to the Home of RTO (or Doh)

We are a stable guild with seasoned players in all three campaigns. We are Kurzick aligned in the Factions campaign.

Our guild hall has several amenities, and is on the Imperial Isle. We are recruiting those who are interested in becoming better PVE players or just having a bit of fun, we do however welcome folks interested in all forms of Guild Wars play. Whether you are new, couldn't deal with the demands of your guild, only play occassionally, or are looking for a guild to support you in your pursuit of the goodies in the game, we could definitely be your new or first guild.

You can reach our guild leader Mara Nightbringer in game (just add her to your friends list) if you would like to be considered for membership in our guild. If you are a member and would like to ask for help with a quest or mission and don't simply want to hope there will be a member online then contactl Mara and let her know what's up and she will try to arrange some help.



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